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IBM Systems

IBM PureSystems
Integrated by Design: deeply integrated compute, storage and networking resources.

IBM Domino software, along with IBM Notes® brings social collaboration and business applications together in a single, easy-to-use environment.

IBM Domino Hypervisor Edition, for use with IBM PureSystems and Snapcomputing’s Catalog CRM App helps streamline the process of deploying new Domino servers and enables better utilization of hardware.

SNAPCOMPUTING'S CRM software is a complete customer relations system for small to medium businesses.

Solution is written using Lotus Domino technology and is integrated with IBM PureSystems.

Pureystems are built with a known, stable, and tested configuration, reducing the potential for errors.

Functional Details
Snapcomputing CRM manage the order and sales process by having the latest customer order and contact information in an easy to use format.

SNAPCOMPUTING CRM includes a Customer Contact module, Service Item tracking module, Purchase Order, Authorization to Order, Invoice, Inventory Line Item Billing and other administrative functions.

Steps in the sales process are presented using easy to read views that provide a method to follow up orders on a timely basis.Customer deals need the right attention and priority from a system that provides information on demand.

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