BC and DR

BC and DR

1.Project INITIATION begins with a discussions of Critical Business Processes.

2. BUSINESS IMPACT ASSESSMENT (BIA) is accomplished through a detailed workflow review in order to determine how long a service interruption can exist without impacting the business Maximum Tolerable Downtime. (MTD).

 3. The RECOVERY STRATEGY for High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Backup and Recovery best practices is developed. Identifying the Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) are key metrics to develop a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between IT Management and the Business.

4. After Software is installed and Policy and Procedures are implemented, a periodic Planned or Virtual SWITCH TEST is performed to evaluate the previously defined RTO.

5. Modify the Switch test plan in order to improve the SLA and RTO timings.

 6. Good MAINTENANCE planning includes, correcting system, data errors and to include new business processes. Keeping the Vendors software through a maintenance cycle, will insure the best project results.